Yorkshire Urban League

About the League

The Yorkshire Urban League (YUL) is a competition open to all full members of British Orienteering.

Each year, all of the urban orienteering races in Yorkshire and Humberside will be included, and your best results will count for the league. At each race, enter any course/class for which you are eligible, and you will be automatically included in the league. Use the links in the table below to see a list of each year’s events and details of the scoring for that year.

Your age class will determine which league you will be included in. There will be Men’s and Women’s leagues for Junior (16-), Open (18+), Vet (40+), Supervet (55+), Ultravet (65+) and Hypervet (75+). At each race, the organisers will designate which classes should run which courses.  Given the nature of urban races, the provision of a junior class course, and any lower age limits for this or other courses, is at the discretion of the organisers (see scoring for Juniors below). There will be a prize giving at the final event of the series. Trophies will be awarded to the leading YHOA member in each class.

Annual League Details

Click the links below to see the details and results of each year’s competition:

2018 details and results
2017 details and results
2016 details and results
2015 details and results
2014 details and results
2013 details and results
2012 details and results
2011 details and results
2010 details and results


Points will be awarded on each course (or class within a course) as follows: 100, 96, 93, 91, 90, 89, … . If the last-placed finisher in a given class scores fewer than 10 points, then all scores in that class will be increased by a multiple of 10 points so that the last-placed finisher scores between 10 and 19 points. So in a race with 87 finishers, the score for last place would be augmented by 10 points from eight to 18 points, and the winner would get 110 points.
At any given race, a competitor may score in only one class. Unless specified otherwise beforehand, he (or she) will score in the lowest class for which he is eligible; for example, if W Vet and W Supervet share a course, a W55 would score only as a W Supervet. A competitor who runs a course above that designated for his class will score in the lowest class for which he is eligible, e.g. an M55 running up on a course designated for M Open, W Open and M Veteran would score only as M Veteran.
Only those runners aged 16 & over on the day, are allowed to run the Open class, due to BOF insurance requirments. All runners in this class can, if they prefer, continue to run and score in the Junior 16- Course.