The Association runs several leagues and championships each year. Championships are usually part of an event hosted by one of the YHOA clubs:

YHOA Championships –  open to all members of YHOA clubs and are age-class based in the same way as the British Championships are.

YHOA Middle Distance Championships  – also open to all members of YHOA clubs and are age-class based.

YHOA Sprint Championships – open to all members of YHOA clubs and are age-class based using the usual urban age class groupings.

The YHOA Schools Championships – hosted by one of the YHOA clubs each year, usually at a Regional colour coded event.  The competition is targeted at school groups, but children who normally orienteer independently of their school (ie. with their parents) can represent their school at this event.  There are individual and team (school) competitions.  There are classes for individual boys and girls in each of Years 3 to 13 and whole school competitions at Junior, Secondary and Tertiary levels.

YHOA Schools Competition Rules


Yorkshire Superleague – the YHOA’s main orienteering league. It incorporates around nine major YHOA events across a calendar year with individuals scoring their best 5 events. The league was restructured with new rules for 2015.

YHOA Urban League – a league of around 11 urban events throughout the calendar year with competitors scoring their best 6.

YHOA Night League – held between November and February each year. Each YHOA open club organises a night event in the same format – four courses ranging from short/easy to long/difficult. Points are scored by each runner, and at the end of the league the highest ranked person in each class is crowned the winner. YHOA provides prizes for the winners.