Yorkshire Superleague Rules

The rules for the Yorkshire Superleague are as follows:

  • The Superleague remains open to all, but now with all age classes from M/W 10 to M/W 80. It will continue to run on a calendar year basis and will include around nine nominated fixtures across the YHOA region. The league table will be calculated for all eligible competitors. YHOA prizes will be awarded to the leading competitors from YHOA clubs.
  • The Superleague will be organised by age class. Individuals are eligible for the relevant age class based on their age on 1 Jan of the year of the competition. What is new is that individuals will score only in their age class, even if they run up or down (using the scoring system below). There will no separate Long and Short categories. Individuals under 10 and over 80 can compete, but will be treated as M/W10 or M/W80 respectively.
  • Individuals will automatically get a placing in the league once they have completed two or more events successfully.
  • For Superleague events organisers, planners and controllers and mappers who have done so much mapping in the 12 months prior to the event that they have to run non-competitively will be allocated points equal to their average counting Superleague points gained in the previous year. The average will be based on their best 5 scores if they have done more than 5. If an organiser chooses to run at his/her event, he/she will be given points gained from that event rather than the average from the previous year.
  • The colour course for each age class is defined in these tables (Standard or Middle Distance):

Standard Distance Course Mapping (see below for Middle Distance):

Course Men Women
Black M21
Brown M35   M40
Short Brown M18   M20   M45  M50 W21
Blue M16   M55   M60 W35   W40
Short Blue M65 W18   W20   W45   W50
Green M70 W16   W55   W60
Short Green M75   M80 W65   W70
Very Short Green W75   W80
Light Green M14 W14
Orange M12 W12
Yellow M10 W10

Middle Distance Course Mapping:

Course Men Women
Black M18  M20  M21  M35  M40
Brown M45  M50 W21  W18   W20
Blue M16  M55   M60 W35   W40
Green M65 M70 W16   W45   W50
Short Green M75   M80 W55   W60  W65
Very Short Green W70  W75  W80
Light Green M14 W14
Orange M12 W12
Yellow M10 W10
  • Individuals can choose to run up (run a harder/longer course) or run down (run a shorter/easier course).
  • Scoring will be based on speed compared to a target speed for your class. Speed will be calculated as time taken divided by adjusted course distance (to allow for height gain), where the distance is increased by 0.1km per 10m of climb.
  • If you run up, you score at the mins/km rate for your age class, but for the distance for the course run.
  • If you run down, you score at the mins/km rate for your age class and a proportion of the resulting score is awarded. Running 1 course down will reduce your score by 25%, 2 courses down by 50% and 3 courses down by 75%. Running 4 or more courses down will score 1 point.
  • Speeds will also be adjusted proportionally between events by using the average of class average times for each event so that there is minimal bias for runnability.


Individual scores will be calculated as follows:

  • The target time for each age class is calculated by multiplying the target speed by the adjusted course distance. Achievement of this time is worth 100 points.
  • For each whole 1% more than the target time you take, you lose 1 point. For each whole 1% less than the target time you gain 1 point.
  • The lowest score for a successful course completion is 1pt.
  • To remove potential unfair advantage through the fact that terrain and runability will vary between events, speeds will be adjusted by applying a factor for each event based on the overall average of speed by class. The same factor will apply to all competitors in each event using the first event as a baseline.


An M55 runs the Blue course.

  • Blue course distance is 5.0km with 100m climb. Adjusted course distance is 5.0 + (0.1 x 10) = 6.0 km.  M55 target rate is 7 mins/km, so M55 target time is 6 x 7 = 42 minutes.
  • A time of 51 minutes is (51/42) or 121% of 42, so scores (100-21) or 79 points.
  • A time of 39 minutes is (39/42) or 92%, so scores 108 points.

An M55 runs down on the 4.0km (100m climb) Short Blue (target time of 5 x 7 = 35 mins) in 33 mins. He scores (33/35 = 94%) so 106 points, less 25% for running down 1 course makes 80 points.

Target speeds for 2018 
(revised based on actual winning speed needed to win 1/3 of events by class in 2015 & 2016)

Class Speed (min/km) Class Speed (min/km)
M10 9.0 W10 7.7
M12 7.1 W12 8.7
M14 8.2 W14 8.8
M16 6.5 W16 8.6
M18 6.5 W18 8.2
M20 5.6 W20 8.0
M21 5.4 W21 6.7
M35 6.3 W35 7.4
M40 6.4 W40 7.2
M45 6.2 W45 9.0
M50 6.0 W50 8.9
M55 7.0 W55 8.9
M60 7.4 W60 9.7
M65 7.6 W65 9.6
M70 8.3 W70 11.1
M75 11.2 W75 15.7
M80 13.0 W80 21.0

For reference, previous target speeds for 2016
(unchanged from 2015 as the average of winning times was within 3% of 2015)

Class Speed (min/km) Class Speed (min/km)
M10 7.50 W10 9.00
M12 8.50 W12 11.00
M14 8.00 W14 10.50
M16 7.00 W16 8.50
M18 6.75 W18 8.25
M20 6.50 W20 7.75
M21 5.75 W21 7.00
M35 6.00 W35 7.50
M40 6.40 W40 8.00
M45 6.60 W45 8.50
M50 6.75 W50 9.00
M55 7.00 W55 9.50
M60 7.50 W60 10.00
M65 8.00 W65 11.00
M70 9.50 W70 13.75
M75 11.50 W75 15.50
M80 15.00 W80 18.00