Constitution of Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering Association

April 2015

  1. Title and Purpose.      The Association shall be called the Yorkshire & Humberside Orienteering Association (YHOA), hereafter referred to as the Association. The objects of the Association shall be to encourage, promote, co-ordinate and control the sport of Orienteering in Yorkshire and the former county of Humberside.
  1. Affiliation to British Orienteering.     The Association shall be affiliated to British Orienteering. It recognises British Orienteering as the ruling body for the sport of Orienteering in Britain and will abide by its directions, rules of competition and bye-laws.
  1. Membership.     The membership of the Association shall comprise the open clubs AIRE, CLARO, EBOR, EPOC, HALO and SYO plus British Orienteering affiliated closed clubs in the region. The Association may subsequently admit to its membership open or closed clubs which agree to abide by the directions of YHOA, whose activities are substantially within the YHOA area and agree to register as an affiliated club with British Orienteering. It will remove from membership any club which ceases to be active in orienteering in the YHOA area.
  1. Executive Committee.     The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee whose membership shall comprise:
  • One member from each open club in the region appointed by those open clubs
  • One member from each closed club appointed by those closed clubs
  • Four elected officers under clause 5(b)

In addition, the Executive Committee may co-opt not more than three people for a period not exceeding three years who must be members of clubs within the Association. The Executive Committee may terminate a co-option at any time and may co-opt the same person again after their period of office comes to an end.

  1. Conduct of the Executive Committee

(a) The Association shall meet as required for the efficient conduct of its business, including a meeting between 1st September and 31st October to be known as the Annual Meeting.

(b) At the Annual Meeting the Association shall elect four Officers, a Chairman, a Secretary, a Fixtures Secretary, and a Treasurer, who must be members of existing clubs in membership of the Association. Their period of office will be terminated immediately prior to the election of officers at the following Annual Meeting. The Association, at any time, may rescind an election and may carry out an election to fill a casual vacancy.

(c) The Secretary shall maintain a minute book and record the business of Executive Committee meetings and the names of those present.

(d) A quorum shall consist of one third of the sum of the club representatives and the officers.

(e) Matters at an Executive Committee shall be decided by vote, each open club to have two votes, each closed club and each Officer to have one vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall exercise a casting vote. Motions will be carried by a simple majority.

(f) In the event of business arising between meetings which requires urgent action, the Officers defined in 5(b) shall collectively have the power to act on behalf of the Association but shall report the matter to the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

  1. Powers of the Executive Committee.      The Executive Committee must consider any matter raised in writing by any member providing fourteen days’ notice has been given to the Secretary. The Executive Committee has the power to:
  • Appoint other officials who must be members of YHOA clubs to perform and ensure any of the objects of the Association as laid down in Clause 1
  • Constitute sub-committees as may be deemed necessary
  • Raise finance in such ways it deems appropriate
  • Appoint representatives to other bodies
  • Determine the dates and times of its meetings
  • But may delegate any of its powers required to fulfil its objects with the exception of those described above in this clause and those outlined in clauses 5 and 7

The Executive Committee must consider any matter raised in writing by any member providing fourteen days’ notice has been given to the Secretary.

  1. Finance.   The financial year of the Association shall run from 1st July to 30th June. The accounts of the Association will be balanced at 30th June each year and submitted, after independent audit, to the Annual Meeting of the Association.  All payments against the Association funds shall be authorised by the Treasurer, or Chairman, or Secretary.
  1. Constitution.     Any proposed amendment to the Constitution must be written, signed by any two members of the Executive Committee, and presented to the Secretary who must submit the proposal at the next Annual Meeting provided the due notice can be given.  The agenda of the Annual Meeting at which an amendment to the Constitution is to be considered shall be sent to all member clubs at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
  1. Dissolution    In the event of the Association being dissolved, its net assets will be disbursed equally between the open clubs in its membership at that time.