About YHOA

The Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering Association, (YHOA), exists to encourage, promote, co-ordinate and control the sport of orienteering in Yorkshire and the former county of Humberside. It is affiliated to the English Orienteering Council and to British Orienteering. It recognises British Orienteering as the ruling body for the sport of orienteering in Britain and will abide by its directions, rules of competition and bye-laws.

The Association is a federation of the orienteering clubs in the region. There are 6 open clubs in the area:

  • Arienteers (AIRE) covering Leeds, Airedale and Wharfedale
  • Claro (CLARO) covering Harrogate, Ripon and surrounding area
  • East Pennine (EPOC) covering Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield
  • Eborienteers (EBOR) covering York, Scarborough, Selby and Ryedale
  • Humberside and Lincolnshire (HALO) covering eastern Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire
  • South Yorkshire (SYO) covering Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley

and three closed University clubs: Leeds (LUUOC), Sheffield (ShUOC) and York (UYOC).

The affairs of YHOA are conducted by an Executive Committee made up, principally, of representatives of the constituent clubs.

The purpose of the Association is to coordinate fixtures and other activities between its member clubs, to promote the development of orienteering in the region, to organise relevant training courses, to promote and coordinate major regional events such as the British Championships and to act as a communication link between the clubs and BOF council.