JHI 2021 – Euan Tryner

JHI 2021 by Euan Tryner

This was my second JHIs, the first one being all the way up the other end of the country in Deeside. I travelled down in a minibus with the 6 other juniors from Sheffield! This was kindly driven by Jenny Lightfoot. The accommodation was at Marchants Hill PGL which was in a great location as it allowed the individual day to finish on site.

The individual was at Devils Punch Bowl an impressive area which was very ‘un-southern’ with big hills and a mix of woodland and open, which was quite heathery and had various gorse bushed scattered across it. It was a beautiful morning and there was a great view across the mist filled valley, which was just beginning to clear. I’d had a reasonable sleep and felt pretty good before the race. I had a reasonable run with a few little misses here and there and a rather stupid 90-degree error which I corrected quicky, thanks to the A3 which was on my left when it should have been below in a tunnel. The second half of the course was quite different to the first, much more physical. I had an encounter with a big dog, which tried its best to cost me the race but eventually I managed to get away! I tired quite a lot towards the end and the last hill was a slog but was all worth it for the 40 second win, with which I was delighted. Great performances from the rest of the team meant that England had a commanding lead overnight and so it was our competition to lose.

The relays were on, to quote the final details, ‘your typical southern area’, a flat and fast area with split by a main road with an underpass connecting the two sides. Both relays came down to the wire as it was close changing over to the final leg. ENG3, anchored by Joe Sunley, went out in the lead followed by the first Scottish team. Alex Wetherell followed around 2 minutes later, and I went out in 5th just behind Ewan Musgrave from Scotland. This race had to be one of the most fun races I’ve had in a while because I loved that feeling of running in a group head-to-head. Ewan and I had the same gaffle for much of the course and we caught Alex about half way round making it a three. I think I lucked out slightly with the gaffling at the end as I managed to drop the two of them in the final part. Scotland ended up winning the men’s relay but it was a 2,3,4 for England, which combined with the girls’ results was enough to give us a joint first in the overall relay results and crucially an overall England win.

Thank you to the England team managers, everyone involved in putting on the event and also YHOA & SYO for the support.