Superleague 2015 Results

The results for the 2015 league have now been calculated after the final event at Wharncliffe. Well done to all class winners! here’s a few facts about the league this year:

  • Over the 9 events there were 2,463 runs from 1,303 individuals representing 92 clubs.
  • Of those, 520 people posted more than one score and so were eligible for the league.
  • All classes between M10 and W80 were contested except W20 (no qualifiers) and W80 (just one).
  • 5 people completed all 9 events; hats off to Steve Whitehead, Sharon Bowes & Jill Smith (all EBOR), Allen Barnes (CLARO) and Marcia Bradbury (SYO)
  • There were 97 courses which totalled 426.6km in length and a total climb of 13,755m – that’s just over 1½ times the height of Mt Everest.
  • The total running time was 116 days, 10 hours, 57 minutes and 22 seconds.

The dates are up now for next year’s league. Let’s see if we can improve on the above.